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From streamlined OPD and IPD services to efficient pharmacy and diagnostic management, SWI’s comprehensive suite ensures precision, flexibility, and seamless integration. Experience the pinnacle of healthcare innovation with SWI, setting the standard for excellence in patient care and operational efficiency worldwide.

SWI Products

SWI’s suite of Hospital Management System modules combines innovation, efficiency, and adaptability, providing healthcare facilities with the tools needed to elevate patient care, streamline operations, and stay ahead in the dynamic healthcare landscape.

OPD management software interface showing appointment scheduling, patient records, and billing functionalities.
OPD Management System
OPD Billing Software
IPD Management System - Optimize inpatient care and streamline hospital workflows.
IPD Management System
IPD Billing Software
Pathology Management System - Manage laboratory operations and pathology reports.
Pathology (Lab) Software
Lab Billing Software
Pharmacy Management System - Manage pharmacy inventory and prescription dispensing. Stock, Sale, Billing, purchase, account reports etc.
Pharmacy Software
Pharmacy Billing Software
Doctor Management System - Manage doctor schedules, appointments, and patient care.
Doctor Practice Software
Doctor Management System
OT Management System - Efficiently manage operating theaters and surgical procedures.
OT Management System
Operation theatre Software
Nursing Management System - Efficiently manage nursing schedules, patient care plans, and staff assignments for optimal healthcare delivery.
Nursing Management
Nursing Management Software
OPD & IPD Billing Software helps to Manage patient OPD, IPD, Daycare, Pharmacy, Lab, OT, Emergency and Department wise billing etc.
Hospital Billing Software
Billing Management Software
TPA Management System - Streamline third-party administrator services and billing.
TPA Management System
Insurance Billing Software
Account Management System - Streamline financial processes and transactions.
Hospital Accounts Software
Account Management System
Ambulance Management System - Efficiently manage ambulance services and dispatch.
Ambulance Software
Ambulance Management System
Blood Management System - Track blood inventory and donations for efficient blood management.
Blood Management
Blood Management Software
hospital management system
Hospital Management System
Avail - Offline / Online
pharmacy management software
Pharmacy Management Software
Avail - Offline / Online
nursing management software
Nursing Management Software
Avail - Offline / Online
lab management software
Pathology Management Software
Avail - Offline / Online

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