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At SWI Healthcare Services, we understand the complexities and challenges faced by modern healthcare institutions. That’s why we are proud to introduce our state-of-the-art Hospital Management System (HMS) designed to elevate operational efficiency, enhance patient care, and streamline administrative processes.

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Facilitate real-time updates and collaboration among healthcare teams, enhancing communication and decision-making. Seamlessly integrate with external systems and devices, such as laboratory systems and medical imaging, ensuring a cohesive healthcare ecosystem.

SWI modules helps to Manage Hospital workflow.

Digitize and centralize patient information, including medical history, treatment plans, and prescriptions, for quick and secure access.

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface, allowing healthcare professionals to navigate seamlessly through the system, reducing training time.

Efficiently manage appointments, optimize resource allocation, and minimize patient wait times with our advanced scheduling features.

Streamline billing processes, generate accurate invoices, and manage insurance information effortlessly, ensuring financial transparency.

Top benefits of Hospital Management Software

SWI hospital management software offers healthcare institutions a comprehensive solution that guarantees smooth departmental operations. In order to enhance productivity, patient care, and operational performance, our comprehensive system combines all necessary features into a solitary, intuitive platform. There is a demo of the hospital administration software accessible for individuals who would want further information.

Account Management Systems for Hospitals ensure accurate financial records, while our Ambulance Management Software streamlines emergency response coordination. Blood Management System efficiently handles blood inventory and tracking, and the Daycare Management System optimizes outpatient care services.

The Inventory Management System maintains stock levels and reduces wastage, while the Package Management System tracks patient service packages. Staff Management System and TPA Management Software facilitate human resources and third-party administrator interactions, respectively. The User Management System and Payroll Management System ensure secure user access and timely salary disbursements.

Our EMR/EHR Management System provides secure and accessible patient records. The Store Management System and Housekeeping Management System keep the facility running smoothly. Bio-waste Management System ensures compliance with waste disposal regulations, and Assets Management System oversees hospital equipment.

The Patient Management System enhances patient care through efficient record-keeping and service delivery. Billing Management System ensures accurate and prompt billing. IPD Management System and OPD Management System manage inpatient and outpatient services, respectively, while Doctor Management System supports physician scheduling and management.

Nursing Management Software coordinates nursing staff and patient care, and the Pathology Management System oversees laboratory operations. Pharmacy Management System ensures the correct dispensing of medications. Diagnosis Management System aids in accurate patient diagnosis, and the OT Management System optimizes operation theater schedules.

For those looking to explore our solutions further, we offer hospital software free download options, including opd management software free, ipd billing software, clinic management software free download, hospital billing software free download, and patient management software free download. Additionally, our hospital management system demo website provides a comprehensive overview of our offerings.

By integrating these comprehensive modules, our Hospital Management Software guarantees a streamlined, efficient, and patient-centric approach to hospital operations, making it an indispensable tool for modern healthcare facilities. This solution not only enhances operational efficiency but also improves patient satisfaction and care quality, positioning your hospital for success in today’s competitive healthcare landscape.

Discover the top Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) software for streamlined patient records, lab tests, radiology images, and pharmacy data. Optimize hospital operations with our HMIS solutions.

OPD Management System

1) Unique Registration ID for Every New Patient.
2) Patients all visiting records in just one click
pre booked appointments.
3) If patients any payment due then automatically shows.
4) Organization wise billing facility.
5) Register OP, Day Care and Emergency patients.
6) Add Reminders to particular patients.
7) Automated Prescription.
8) If any document of patients you can add here.
9) Register as MLC case and generate Medical Certificate etc..
Seamlessly streamline patient appointments, simplify administrative tasks, and enhance overall efficiency for a modern, patient-centric healthcare experience.

IPD Management System

1) Unique Registration ID for every New Patient.
2) Patients all visiting records in just one click
3) Admit, discharge and treatment information.
4) Nursing and doctors visiting information.
5) Individual and Organization wise billing facility.
6) OT and Emergency patients.
7) Hospital, pharmacy and pathology bills in one click
8) Discharge Summary, automated treatment history.
9) Laboratory & Radiology Investigations & Pharmacy Billing.
10) Register as MLC, Issue Birth Certificate, Medical Certificate, and Death Certificate etc..
11) After discharge follow up patients.
11) Wards, Floor, Room & Bed Configuration.
12) Admission and Bed Allocation.
13) O.T Registration and Records.

Daycare Management System

1) Procedure Entry.
2) TPA Claims.
3) OPD Summary.
4) OT Registration.
5) Risk Consent Letter.
6) Ward and Beds Records.
7) Nursing notes.
8) Treatment History.
9) Patient progress Records.
10) Patient Past history and Reports.
11) Investigations.
12) OT, Anesthesia Records.
13) Treatment Schedule & History.
14) Medical Certificates.
15) Treatment Schedule & History.
16) Admit, discharge and treatment information.

Doctor Management System

1) Appointments List.
2) Consultation Report
3) Pre booked appointments.
4) Doctor Visiting records.
5) Consult Doctor, Visiting Doctor, Surgeon wise reports.
6) Doctors treatment advice records.
7) OPD, IPD, Daycare, OT and Emergency doctor wise statement.
8) Automated Prescription.
9) Track patient treatment and billing summary.
10) Any Doctor Availability data can be scheduled and managed by the administrator, including editing and deleting it.

From appointment scheduling to patient records, our user-friendly software empowers healthcare providers to enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and deliver top-notch patient care.

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Patient Management System

1) Unique Registration ID for old and New Patient.
2) Automatically identify Old or New Patients.
3) Patients all visiting records in just one click.
4) Predictive Reports and improved patient relationship management.
5) Maintains electronic records of your patients and their medical history.
6) Organization or Individual billing facility.
7) Improve Visibility & Transparency.
8) Track all your patient interactions and touchpoints.
9) Medical transactions and billing software for seamless invoicing.
10) If any document of patients you can add here.
11) Get Medical, Birth & Death Certificate.
12) Injury Report and MLC Letter Etc…

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EMR/EHR Management System

1) Manage Patient Past History
2) TPA Records
3) Diagnosis Reports
4) One click to access patient records
5) Patient Engagement
6) Data Security
7) Efficient Communication
8) Cost Savings
9) Analytics and Reporting
10) Regulatory Compliance
11) Enhanced Accessibility
12) Improved Efficiency
13) Accurate Documentation
14) Interoperability

EMRs help healthcare organizations adhere to regulatory requirements by providing structured and standardized documentation, ensuring that healthcare practices align with industry standards and regulations.

Nursing Management System

1) Assign Staff / Handover Staff.
2) Routine Checkup.
3) Intial Assessment.
4) Progress.
5) Investigation Progress.
6) Doctor instructions.
7) Medicine Advice.
8) Medicine Requisition.
9) If any document of patients you can add here.
10) Streamlined admission, transfer, and discharge activities. Reporting and tracking of hospital incidences.

OT Management System

1) Register OT as OP, IP, Day Care and Emergency patients.
2) Surgery team revenue sharing.
3) Doctors/Assistants O T Records.
4) Consent Forms.
5) Organisation wise billing facility.
6) Birth / Death Certificates.
7) O.T. Reservation for a scheduled surgery.
8) Bill Charges Posting.
9) If any document of patients you can add here.
10) This is an integrated module of our hospital management software, thus all the charges & expenses in O.T. posted in centralized patient record.

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Inventory Management System

1) Compliance friendly.
2) Less repetitive work.
3) Reduced costs.
4) Increase revenue.
5) Ensure patient care.
6) Automated work flow.
7) Reduce Manual work in the field.
8) Reconcile medical inventory Accurately, in real time.
9) Real-time Invoicing.
10) Saving Medical device from getting stolen
11) Prevent over-stock and stock-outs in hospital storerooms.

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Billing Management System

1) Unique Registration ID for Every New Patient.
2) OPD, IPD, Daycare, Emergency patients registration and billing.
3) Manage Ward wise billing system.
4) If patients any payment past due then automatically shows.
5) Organisation wise billing facility.
6) Department wise billing facility.
7) Centralized billing.
8) View patient past visited & billing history.
9) Share patient details with selected departments like – pharmacy, laboratory etc…
10) Billing integrated with barcode system.
11) Integrated Payment gateway.
12) Automated notifications.

Diagnosis Management System

1) Sample booking concept with keyboard function.
2) Test result entry- test wise, patient wise, sample wise.
3) Outsource sample detail.
4) Partly report printing.
5) Alarming range.
6) Day report, Centre billing.
7) Doctor wise balance report.
8) Doctor monthly billing on the basis of multi level compliments.
9) User role base authority.
10) User tracking & monitoring system.
11) Bar code integration.
12) Balance receive.
13) Email/WhatsApp reporting to patient/doctor.

Pharmacy Management System

1) Retail and hospital patients billing.
2) GST Reports.
3) Manage Locations.
4) Manage Drugs.
5) Manage Suppliers.
6) Purchase Orders.
7) Drugs /Items Receipts.
8) Vendor Payments.
9) Sales / Raise Bill.
10) Sales Returns.
11) Purchase Returns.
12) Cashier Management.
13) Reports Module.
14) List Reports.
15) Summary Reports.
16) Organisation wise billing facility.
17) Send Invoice Whats App and Email.
18) Track Patients billing and ussage history.

TPA Management System

1) Include OP, IP, Day Care, and Emergency Patients.
2) Add Patient TPA Registration details.
3) Bill Provisional TPA
4) Bill Provisional Non TPA
5) Service / Non Service Billable
6) Provision for follow up with the TPA’s and Insurance companies.
7) Provision to record the TPA and Insurance details of a patient.
8) Status enquiry of the submitted claims.
9) Summary Doctor wise and date wise.

Store Management System

1) Compliance friendly.
2) Less repetitive work.
3) Reduced costs.
4) Increase revenue.
5) Ensure patient care.
6) Automated work flow.
7) Reduce Manual work in the field.
8) Reconcile medical inventory Accurately, in real time.
9) Real-time Invoicing.
10) Saving Medical device from getting stolen
11) Prevent over-stock and stock-outs in hospital storerooms.

Account Management System

1) Cash book, Account Ledger, General Ledger.
2) Patient wise Accounts report.
3) Doctor wise account summary.
4) User wise collection report.
5) Organisation/TPA wise account reports.
6) Patient due reports.
7) Pharmacy and Pathology account reports.
8) Track Income and Expenses.
9) Employees Salary etc..
10) Provision to clear supplier invoice and tracking of account receivable and revenue.

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